Monday, February 25, 2008

Before You Go

Is a "A tribute and thank you to our aging veterans. Dedicated to the veterans of WWII and the veterans of the Korean War who helped preserve that victory."

Read the story behind the song.

Listen to the song and watch the slideshow.

"Before You Go" is very moving and powerful. Beautifully enhanced by the accompanying photographs. Lyrics by Dr. Sam Bierstock and music by John Melnick.

Thanks to Roots Television Megan's Roots World for the link to the song.

Although they are no longer here to say "Thank You" to and receive acknowledgment of their contributions, two WWII vets in my family are remembered and honored in articles I've posted in the past year.
There are other WWII veterans in my family, honored in this tribute written for Memorial Day last year, but I don't have details of their service, yet.

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Janice said...


That is a truly inspiring slide show. Thank you for sharing it.