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Wiliam Wise, son of Peter and Christina ?

William Wise was born in Pennsylvania between 1821-1826. He is the possible/probable son of Peter and Christina Wise, most likely their oldest child. This assumption is based upon the fact that William lived in close proximity to Peter and Christina in Wayne County, Ohio as well as in Miami County, Indiana. William's first wife and several of his children are buried in Gilead Cemetery in the same row as Peter and Christina. Their plots are next to each other.

William could be the male age 20-29 listed in the household of Peter Wise in the 1840 Wayne County, Ohio census. However, his age in later census records indicates that he was born between 1821-1826 which would put him in the 15-19 age group. There was no male listed in that age group in 1840 in Peter's household. In 1850, William was 24 (born 1826), in 1860 he was 37 (born 1823), in 1870 he was 49 (born 1821) and in 1880 he was 58 (born 1822). In all census records in which he has been found, William was listed as born in Pennsylvania.

William was married twice. His first wife, Mary Ann was born 09 Jun 1826 in Pennsylvania, died on 05 Jan 1870, and is buried in Gilead Cemetery in Perry Township, Miami County, Indiana. Her date of birth is calculated from the date of death and age (43y 6m 27d) on her gravestone.

William's second wife, according to the 1880 census, was Nancy who was born in 1833 in Pennsylvania.

Children (based on census and cemetery records) of William and Mary Ann Wise were:

  1. Newton O. Wise was born on 16 Dec 1847, died on 10 Dec 1874 at age 26, and was buried in Gilead Cemetery in Perry Township, Miami County, Indiana.
  2. Samuel Wise was born in 1850 in Ohio.
  3. Wealthy O. Wise was born on 04 Nov 1852 in Indiana, died on 24 Jan 1874 at age 21, and was buried in Gilead Cemetery in Perry Township, Miami County, Indiana.
  4. Emeline Wise was born in 1856 in Indiana.
  5. Cecillius Wise was born in 1861 in Indiana.
Marriage records have not been found for William, for either of his marriages in Wayne County, Ohio or Miami County, Indiana. No marriage records have been found for his children in Miami County or Wabash County, Indiana. The last record I have on this family is the 1880 census when they lived in Roann, Wabash County. His 19 year old son Cecillius was living with William and his second wife.

William Wise and his family were located in the following census records:

1850 Wayne County, Ohio (Congress Township, page 299)
Wm Wise, 24, male, farmer, born Pennsylvania
Mary, 24, female, born Pennsylvania
Newton O., 2, male, born Ohio
[no name], 3/12, male, born Ohio
Adam Holmes, 23, male, Wagon Maker, born Pennyslvania

1860 Wabash County, Indiana (Pleasant Township, page 2)
William Wise, 37, farmer, real estate valued at $2400, personal estate at $200, born Pennsylvania
Mary A., 34, born Pennsylvania
Newton A., 12, male, born Ohio
Samuel, 10, male, born Ohio
Welthy A., 7, female, born Indiana
Emiline, 5, female, born Indiana

1870 Miami County, Indiana (Perry Township page 141/26)
William Wise, 49, farmer, Real Estate $5000, Personal Estate $500, born Pennsylvania
Wealthy, 17, female, keeping house, born Indiana
Emeline, 14, female, born Indiana
Cecillius, 9, male, born Indiana
James Faris, 80, male, retired farmer, born Virginia, citizen of the U.S.
Nancy Faris, 65, female, keeping house, born Virginia

1880 Wabash County, Indiana (Roann, Paw Paw Township page 44d)
William Wise, white, male, 58, farmer, born Pennsylvania, parents born Pennsylvania
Nancy, white, female, 47, wife, keeping house, born Pennsylvania, parents born Pennsylvania
Cicilius, white, male, 19, son, laborer, born Indiana

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Lidian said...

Wealthy Wise, what a perfectly splendid name!

Gary Treat said...

A William and Nancy Wise appear in Sumner Co, KS on the Kansas State Census beginning in 1885. They appear to fit pretty well with your William and Nancy, but I can't be absolutely sure it's them. Perhaps you can follow-up and find out more. Here is a summary of the census data:

1885, KS (state census), Sumner Co, Wellington Twp (pg 10)
W. Wise, age 63, b. PA, came to KS from IN
N. A. Wise, age 51, b. PA

1895, KS (state census), Sumner Co, Wellington Twp (pg 15)
Wm. Wise, age 74, b. PA, came to KS from IN
Nacy Wise, age 62, b. PA

1900, KS (federal census), Sumner Co, Wellington Twp (pg 22)
William Wise, age 79, b. PA
Nancy A Wise, age 68, b. PA

1905, KS (state census), Sumner Co, Wellington Twp (pg 13)
William Wise, age 83, b. PA, came to KS from IN
Nancy Wise, age 72, b. PA

The online transcription of Prairie Lawn Cem at Wellington, KS lists the following:

Nancy Wise died 29 Nov 1909
W M Wise died 26 Dec 1905

Hope these turn out to be your folks!


Becky Wiseman said...

Gary - Thank you so much! I'll definitely check it out.