Friday, February 29, 2008

New Whitley County Resource

The "Index to Old Settlers Necrology 1906-2007" has been added on the Kinexxions website.

The compilation, which includes more than 22,600 names, is from Whitley County Newspapers and from files in the Whitley County Historical Museum. The Old Settlers Necrology lists were generally published annually on Old Settlers Day and included those people who had died in the previous year who were considered "Old Settlers" of Whitley County as defined by the Old Settlers Association: "Anyone who was 30 years of age or older who had lived in Whitley County for 30 years or more."

The lists often included those who lived elsewhere at the time of their death. Some lists included everyone who died while living in Whitley County regardless whether they were "old settlers" or not. In other words, there really wasn't any consistency from one year to the next as to who was or was not included. It depended upon who was compiling the list. In about half of the years the full date of death was given, while in others only the month and year. In several years there was simply a listing of those who had died since the previous Old Settlers Day with no date or month listed.

The individuals involved in this project were Beverly Henley, Cindy Keirn, Dorothy Bordner and Becky Wiseman.

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