Friday, February 08, 2008

Peter and Christina Wise Family in Gilead Cemetery

Gilead Cemetery, Perry Township, Miami County, Indiana. North Section, Row Five, looking Northeast.
Photographs taken by Becky Wiseman on February 5, 2008. It was a foggy and rainy day. The "blurry" spots are rain drops on the lens of the camera. As always, click on the images for larger versions.

The first marker in the foreground, is the first one in the row, near the roadway that runs through the cemetery. Starting with that marker, we have Mary Ann Wise, Wealthy A. Wise, Newton O. Wise (wife and children of William Wise). The fourth tall marker is for Peter and Christina Wise. The small marker on the right has the initials "P.W." and another identical marker on the left has the initials "C. W."

According to the cemetery transcription books, there is another marker, in the same row but in the south section for Elizabeth Wise who died May 24, 1854 at age 17y 4m. However, I was unable to locate it. Perhaps on a nicer day that is a bit warmer, I might be able to make out some of the inscriptions that I was not able to read during this visit.

The Wise family markers, looking south west. The marker for Peter and Christina, in the foreground, stands well over six feet in height, probably closer to seven. The other two tall markers are about five feet high while Mary Ann's is about four feet high.

Peter's inscription is on the west side of the marker: PETER WISE / DIED / JAN. 29 1875 / AGED 77 YEARS.
The inscription "FATHER & MOTHER" is on the north face of the marker.
Christina's inscription is on the east side of the marker: C. WISE / DIED / APR. 25, 1884 / AGED 83 Y's 1 Mo. 24 D.

NEWTON O. WISE / DIED / DEC. 10 1874 / AGED 26 Y 11 M & D

WEALTHY A. / daughter of / W.& M. A. WISE / DIED / Jan. 21 1871 / AGED / 21 Y 2 M 20 D's

MARY ANN / WIFE OF / WM WISE / DIED / Jan. 5 1870 / AGED / 43 Y. 6 M. & 27 D. Barely discernible is four lines of text beneath the main inscription. Under the right lighting conditions it may be possible to get a good image for reading the text.


Lidian said...

How wonderful for you to be able to visit and get these clear yet atmospheric photos.

I really want to visit some cemeteries when I am in NYC this summer, bringing notebook and digital camera of course.

Becky Wiseman said...

Lidian - I'm fortunate to be living relatively close to where some of my ancestors lived though many are in far away places. I hope to be able to visit their gravesites someday too. Don't forget your tape measure so you can record the dimensions of the stones as well.