Saturday, February 09, 2008

Recommended Reading - But Now I'm Found

Periodically I check Chris Dunham's Genealogy Blog Finder What's New page to see if there are any new blogs that look interesting to me.

This morning, I was impressed with But Now I'm Found, subtitled "Genealogy Blog in Black and White" written by jenuinely. Not that it really matters, but she also happens to be a Hoosier; a native of Gary, Indiana.

The blog is new for her, started in January this year, but her interest in and enthusiasm for genealogy goes back ten years. Her posts are well-written and provide insight into the unique problems associated with researching African-American slave ancestors.

Her website Say My Name chronicles the story of some of her family and the places where they lived. I haven't read all the pages on her site, yet, but plan to return to finish reading them all. It is very interesting and, for me, provides a view into yet another aspect of this world of ours.

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