Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wise-Hoffman Research Update

With the obituaries, death record transcriptions, and funeral home transcriptions obtained in Wabash, Indiana this past week, I now have names of several children of two of the grandchildren of Anthony and Eliza Jane Wise Hoffman that may be living in Wabash County.

Last week I ordered obituaries for Minnie Hoffman Fluke and her husband Perry. Those were received on Friday from the Ashland County Public Library (Ohio). They had three children, Kelsey; Florence, who married Harry D. Sites; and Helen Rose Fluke. The obituaries for Minnie and Perry stated that they had six grandsons. With that information I was able to find entries in various online obituary databases and have ordered six more obituaries from Wayne and Ashland Counties Ohio. It looks like there is a good possibility that there may be living grandchildren of Kelsey Fluke and Florence Fluke Sites. I'll know more once I get the copies of those obituaries.

Since there are so many changes and additional information, rather than update the initial post on Eliza's family, I'm going to wait until the obituaries are received from Ohio and see what else can be found.

I still need to review the information that was found earlier this week on the family of Ella Mohler, who was mentioned in Eliza's obituary as her sister.

It's been fun researching these past two weeks!


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Newly found cousins! I hope the obituaries are filled with information for you.

Lidian said...

What great news! I wish you continued success; thanks for updating.