Saturday, March 05, 2011

April 19th 1868 :: Sarah to Lizzie

Rootstown April 19th 1868

Dear Sister

This is sunday evening and I thought that I would answer your letter that I received last night. We have been having real cold and winterish weather and had conciderable snow this month but it has cleared off and is warmer now. snowed and blowed all last sunday. we have not moved yet. expect to move this week, thursday. Converse are going to move tomorrow and then I am going to have Mary clean the house and put down the carpet and have it all ready to put the things in.

I want to buy that hit or miss Carpet of you to put down in the kitchen as I dont know as I ever will get time to make one. will pay you what you asked for it a year ago. will pay you when you come back. I thought that I would put it down without waiting for an answer as I thought that you would want to sel so it but if you dont want to tel me have it let me know and I will take it up. we have sold our calf for 28 dollars and George said that I might have it to put in the house. have got sixteen yards of sale carpeting for the sitting room. I think that it is real good. it as a remnance and he got it cheeper.

we have not sold our place yet but I think that Charlie Holden will buy it. he is after it. Troy Honeyrock has bought his place. I am glad that Mary has got a place. hope that she will like it. was going to write to her this evening but did not know how to direct. thought I would wait until after we get moved and then would direct to Locke and our folks could send it to her. I have not found her shoes yet.

Susies cough is better. we kept doctoring her for the croupe and nothing seemed to help her and we finly sent for the doctor and he said she had worms and gave her some medicine and she is getting better. dont cough hardly any. well I must stop writing as it is late and must get up early. George is going to Cleveland tomorrow. I wish when you come you would bring me some early beans to plant and some parsnips seed and some cucumber seed. I must close. Give my love to all the folks. Good Night.


Susie is Sarah's 2 1 /2 year old daughter and George is Sarah's husband.

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Jasia said...

What do you think the "worms" diagnosis really was? I think of worms as an intestinal parasite not something that would cause a cough. Am I missing something?

Becky Wiseman said...

I'm with you Jasia. Always thought of "worms" as a parasite but then things often have a different meaning now than they did years ago....