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December 4th 1870 :: Sarah Greene to Sam & Lizzie

Rootstown December 4th 1870

Dear Brother and Sister

I thought that I would commence a letter to you this evening but do not think that I will get it finished as it is now allmost ten o’clock but will send it as soon as I get it done. I suppose that you have some idea what it is to take care of little children and whear there is four little children to take care of as I have got. it keeps me busy all the time and then never get through.

The baby seems to be real good but he has got to be taken care of some times. he is a nice looking baby and we think as much of him as though he was the only one we have had. he begins to laugh and notices and is quite interesting. the children all are very much pleased with him. he was nine weeks old this morning. was born the 2nd day of October, we call him James William.

I have got along real well. am not very strong. have to keep on my feet so much that I use up my strength as fast as I get it. You spoke of Mary Ray in your letter. Well it was a sad thing when she died. she had spasms all the time she was being sick. her baby was born dead and she lived about two hours after the baby was born, but did not seem to be concious of any thing. she was sick just two weeks before I was. the family felt dreadful. they could hardly give her up. the baby was a little girl. it was laid in the coffin with her on her arm. they had two doctors when she was sick but they could do nothing to save her life. Caroline Staffer was buried a short time before that. died with consumtion. she has been married two or three years.

Well I commenced this letter one week ago to night and have not finished it since but hope that I will get it done this time. It has been raining all afternoon as hard as it could rain and I presume that it will Snow before it will get through. we have had very pleasant weather all fall. I often think of you and think that it must be pretty cold out there by this time but then I think that you will get along very well and in a short time it will seem like home to you and you will feel attacht to the place. I often wish that I could see you and have a talk with you. I dont get home sick but then it would seem nice to have a visit with some of our folks.

Aunt Betsy Stauffer came and made me a short visit while she was in Ohio. she came very unexpected but I was glad to see her. she was here just two days before I was sick. Lydia is bording with us now. Mrs spellman did not care about having boarders this winter. she has her room down there first the same as she did only gets her meals here. She talks some of paking up her things and leave them set in our shop and go west. she hardly knows what she will do. she has not said any thing for some days.

Pheby Parsons is going to be married to Jim Ray in a short time. I suppose you will think that he is in a hurry but it is all right with Mr. Parsons folks and the Ray family. Sylvia Jones is married to Poe Luly. John Luly is marrie to Mary Basel. Laurie Barlow is married to a fellow by the name of Joe Bradshaw. Wesley Wirt is married to Ellen Beans, one of Noah Beans granddaughters.

Well Lizzie I dont know as I have any thing more to write this time. it seems like a short letter to go so far. I wish you would write right away and I will answer it soon. I would like to hear from you often. it would be easier for us to write often and not so much at a time. the children are all well and full of mischief. I have got a girl to help me this winter. it is Martin Miller’s Katie. she does very well. often speeks of you. Lena Himes has got a little girl. Lydia got a letter from Mary last week. she had just got back to Mrs. Bissells the week before that. she wrot that our folks were all well as usual. There is going to be a Christmas tree over here in the church for the sabbath school. I suppose it will be a nice thing. Well I must stop writing. keep the children for me. Our love to you all. write soon.

Sarah Greene

At this time, Sarah and George Greene were the parents of four children: Susie, 5 years old; Arthur, 3 years; George Frederick "Freddie", aged 2 years; and the baby James William who was born October 2, 1870.

Elizabeth and Sam Coppes had moved to Nodaway county, Missouri in 1869. They had 2 children at this time: Minnie was about 2 years old and Harvey was a little more than a year old.

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