Monday, March 14, 2011

On The Road Again...

Saturday March 12, 2011 – Five days ago, on the morning of March 7th, I left Columbia City, Indiana heading south for, hopefully, sunshine and warmer temperatures. As I passed into central Kentucky I noticed the grass was a little green and then through Tennessee things warmed up a bit; some of the trees were sprouting little leaves and bushes (don't know what kind) were blooming too.

I stopped in Huntsville, Alabama and spent two nights with a friend (and distant Joslin cousin - 3rd cousin once removed). Tuesday night they had high winds and got over three inches of rain, which altered my traveling plans somewhat. Instead of meandering through on state highways I stuck to the Interstates. Just didn't want to deal with any flooding issues. And from the Interstate you could see that the streams and rivers had risen over their banks and the waters were flooding nearby land.

It rained much of the day Wednesday but at Montgomery I decided to strike out to the southeast taking US 82, which goes all the way to Brunswick, Georgia. It was a pleasant drive and much less stressful than the Interstates though it rained all afternoon. That night I stopped at a nice campground at Lakepoint Resort State Park north of Eufaula, Alabama and just a few miles from the Georgia state line.

The next morning (Thursday, March 10th) I was most pleased to see the sun coming up through the trees. There was some fog but it burned off quickly. The above photo was taken through the rear window. The dark lines across the picture are from the window defroster.

By 2:30 pm I had checked into the campground at Laura S. Walker State Park just east of Waycross, Georgia. That evening and the next day I visited my niece and her daughters and delivered some things that my Mom wanted them to have. Today (March 12) was spent in just relaxing and taking it easy. I went for several walks, easing back into activity as it has been more than three months since I've done any walking let alone hiking!

I did get my wish - temperatures were in the 70s and there was lots of sunshine! The scenes below are of the lake at Laura S. Walker State Park. Photos were taken on March 12, 2011.

Morning fog rising off the lake.

Lilly pads.

And, of course, a Sunset...


  1. Oh good, another trip and I get to go along for the ride! As always, good photos. Save travels Becky.

  2. Yeah! Looking forward to future destinations and adventures. Be safe.

  3. Great to see you back on the road, Becky. I look forward to more photos and details of your adventures. Safe travels!

  4. Enjoyed having you visit - come anytime! Now I get to travel with you through your blog :). Babs

  5. Beautiful photos! As always!

  6. Best of luck for your continuing journey, Becky. I look forward to following your progress through your wonderful photos.


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