Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Rather Corny Place

Friday, August 19th - - For four days I “meandered” through the eastern sides of North Dakota and South Dakota with no particular places in mind - I was essentially “killing” time as I had a very important appointment in Sioux Falls today.... I met one of my Joslin cousins at the airport and we drove 200+ miles on Interstate 90 to the small town of Murdo, South Dakota. You'll find out why in a few days...

Since Mitchell was on the way and we needed a break to stretch our legs, we stopped at the Corn Palace. I had been there with my mother back in 1976 and even though the designs have changed (they change every year) it was still pretty much as I remembered it – a fun stop.

Friend and Cousin Babs (3rd cousin once removed) on the left, “Corny” in the middle, and me.


  1. Great pics - We had seen this a number of years ago, so did not stop this time. Amazing what one can do with corn!

  2. Hooray - I have my picture in your blog :). Can't wait for the rest of the story :) Babs


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