Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Brief Visit to Bryce Canyon

Monday morning I left Salt Lake City and took the “scenic route” south out of Utah – US 89. I ended up spending the night at a little campground in the Escalante National Monument. It was a cool day and got even cooler overnight – frost covered the front and rear windows in the morning and the temperature was a brisk 26 degrees! It didn't take long to get ready and get on down the road that morning!

Tuesday, November 29th - - It was a pleasant drive to Bryce Canyon National Park and I was able to spend about four hours there. I drove through the park stopping at many of the viewpoints along the way. There were very few people around and traffic wasn't a problem at all – unlike in the summer time. There was some snow on the ground but the sun was shining and the 50 degree temperature felt much warmer.

This and the next three photos were taken at Sunset Point. Elevation 8,000 feet.

Taken from Bryce Point. A 1.3 mile trail winds its way through the canyon.

Another view of the trail into the canyon. It would have been neat to go down amongst the towering hoodoos, but I just wasn't up to that kind of challenge at that time.

Taken from Rainbow Point, elevation 9,115 feet.

Another shot from Rainbow Point.


Carol said...

Great photos, glad you got to visit Bryce. Hope you missed out on that horrible wind storm the other night.

Jill Ball said...

Great pictures - looks amazing - hope to see Bryce Canyon inMarch after Rootstech.

Linda Edwards said...

Great pics of Bryce. It is my favorite of the southern Utah parks.

Kathy Reed said...

As usual, your pictures are absolutely stunning!

Barbara Poole said...

These are among your best, so your brief visit was good to you. Your #3 is stunning.

canyonairport said...

Nice shots. It’s hard to capture Bryce Canyon because of the expanse–and all the orange rock. Did a month or so in southern Utah last spring, and as you know, the five national parks spread across the state are incredible. Each so different and each spectacular.

Aerial Photos of Bryce Canyon