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The Hazlett-Dunfee Connection :: On to Pennsylvania

In this previous post we saw that the families of Jonathan Hazlet and James Dunfee arrived in Wayne County, Ohio prior to 1830 when they were found in the census for that county in Plain Township.

In 1820 Jonathan Hezlet and James Dumphy are on page 17 and George Dumphy is on page 16 in Liberty Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (see census details below). So this brings the families together in Pennsylvania.

Since it makes a little more sense to work from the past to the present the timeline below will show what I know of these families starting from the earliest date through 1820.


1755 – or before - George Dumphy was born. He was over the age of 45 in the 1800 census.

1756/1765 - Mary, wife of George Dumphy was born. She was age 26-45 in the 1800 census and over 45 in 1810.

1762 – Elizabeth, future wife of Jonathan Hazlett, was born.

1771 – August 15th - Jonathan Hazlett was born, possibly in Maryland [date of birth calculated from gravestone, place of birth from census record of 1850]

1788 – James Dunfee was born in Pennsylvania.

1790 – George Dunfee is enumerated in Berwick, Cumberland Township, York County, Pennsylvania (p440) with one male over 16 [born before 1774... George], one male under 16 [born 1774-1790... James Dunfee, presumed to be a son, was born about 1788], and one female [Mary?, wife of George]

1794 – May 10th – Sophia Elzabeth Hazlett was born in Pennsylvania (one record says she was born in Maryland, all others say Pennsylvania).

1799 - George Dunphy, weaver, was listed as one of the original tax payers of Adams County, Pennsylvania with assessed value of property of $127. (History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania; Beers, 1886 p242)

1800 – ?? - There is a Jonathan Haslet enumerated in Emmitsburg District 4, Frederick County, Maryland (p177) with one male under 10 [born 1791-1800], two males 16-25 [born 1775-1784], one female under 10 [born 1791-1800], one female 16-25 [born 1775-1784]. However, the Jonathan we are looking for was born in 1771, thus would have been about 29 years old in 1800. I don't think this is “my” Jonathan, but I could be wrong.

1800 – January 22 – Parts of York County, including Cumberland Township, became part of newly formed Adams County

1800 – George Dumphy is listed in Cumberland Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (p473) with one male under 10 [born 1790-1800... unknown], one male age 10-16 [born 1784-1790... James, presumed son, was born about 1788], one male over 45 [born before 1755... George], one female under 10 [born 1790-1800... Catharine, probable daughter, was born in 1793], one female age 26-45 [born 1755-1774... wife, Mary ?]

1801 – July 2 – George Dumfey purchased land from James Cox for 150 pounds in Cumberland, Adams County, Pennsylvania. [Book A p442 - I neglected to view this record while in Salt Lake City... my notes from 1986 left out crucial information.]

1810 – March 31 – George Dumphey purchased 163 acres in Liberty Township for 980 pounds 11 shillings from John Spear and Sarah his wife. Recorded October 3, 1812. (Deed Book F p98-99)

1810 – George Dumphy is enumerated in Straban Town, Adams County, Pennsylvania (p44) with two males 16-26 [born 1784-1794... James 1788, the other unknown male was under 10 in 1800], one male over 45 [born before 1765... George], one female 16-26 [born 1784-1794... Catharine born 1793], one female over 45 [born before 1765... wife, Mary?].

1810 – There is a Jonathan Hayzlet listed in Straban Town, Adams County, Pennsylvania (p45) with one male under 10 [born 1800-1810], one male 26-45 [born 1765-1784...Jonathan born 1771], one female 10-16 [born 1794-1800...Sophia born 1794], one female 26-45 [born 1765-1784 wife of Jonathan].

1810–1812 approximate date – Sophia Hazlett was married to James Dunfee. No marriage record has been found, yet. Their first (presumed) child, Eliza, was born between 1811-1815. Another (presumed) child, George, was born in 1814.

1813 – October 15 – George Dumphey and Mary his wife, for 154 pounds, sold a tract of land lying in Liberty Township containing 14 acres and 15 perches to William Grayson. Recorded November 1, 1813. (Deed Book F p313-315)

1817 – April 17 – George Dumphey and wife sold sold 90 acres of land in Liberty Township to George Patterson. Recorded September 10, 1907 (From General Index to Deeds, citing Deed Book 63 p279. I did not get a copy of the record on my visit to Adams County in 1984. The microfilm for Book 63 is not at the Family History Library.)

1820 – George Dumphy is listed in Liberty Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (p16) with one male 10-16 [born 1804-1810... unknown], one male 26-45 [born 1775-1794... unknown, he could be the male under 10 in 1800 and 16-26 in 1810], one male over 45 [born before 1775... George], one female 26-45 [born 1775-1794... Catharine born in 1793], one female over 45 [born before 1775... Mary].

1820 - James Dumphy, presumed son of George, is also enumerated in Liberty Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (p17) with two males under 10 [born 1810-1820], one male 26-45 [born 1775-1794… James], three females under 10 [born 1810-1820], and one female 26-45 [born 1775-1794… Sophia]

1820 – Jonathan Hezlet is enumerated in Liberty Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (p17) with one male under 10 [born 1810-1820], one male over 45 [born before 1775... Jonathan born in 1771], one female under 10 [born 1810-1820], one female 16-26 [born 1794-1804], one female over 45 [born before 1775... wife] and one person engaged in manufactures. [Note: There appears to be a young woman with two children living with Jonathan and his wife.]

I did not find a record in the General Index of Deeds for the sale of the remaining 59 acres of land in Liberty Township owned by George Dunfee. (163 acres were purchased in 1810; 14 acres sold in 1813; and 90 acres sold in 1819 though not recorded until 1907).

I have no further record of George and Mary Dunfee. James Dunfee and Jonathan Hazlett moved to Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio prior to 1830.

The deed records found for George Dumphy where he was selling land list his wife's name as Mary. This coincides with the Whitley County, Indiana tombstone inscription of “Catherine dau of G. & M. Dunfee” who died July 27, 1851 aged 57y 9m. This bit of information is the only thing that I have that links to George and Mary Dumphy as being the parents of James Dunfee. And the fact that Jonathan Hazlett lived in the same localities as the Dunfee/Dumphy families is the only link between him and Sophia Elizabeth Hazlett.

Obviously, more research is required, but George & Mary Dunfee and Jonathan Hazlett are the only candidates I have at this time for parents of James Dunfee and Sophia Hazlett. I have not ventured into Maryland records other than census records and that basically just to see if there were Hazlett and Dunfee families there. Results were inconclusive since more information is needed and research into other records is required. I'm not sure that they would shed any light into the relationships between Sophia and Jonathan Hazlett or James and George Dunfee/Dumphy. Perhaps church records would provide the answer if I only knew what religion they professed. Were the Hazlett and Dunfee/Dumphy families Scotch-Irish as the biographies of some of their children indicated?

If anyone has any information that would shed more light on these families, it would be appreciated if you would contact me at kinexxions “at” gmail “dot” com!

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