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The Hazlett-Dunfee Connection :: Back to Ohio

Continuing from this previous post on the Hazlett-Dunfee connection and working our way back in time...


James Dunfee, age 71, was listed in the 1860 census in Jefferson Twp, Whitley County, Indiana. He was a farmer, born in Pennsylvania, had Real Estate valued at $50, and a Personal Estate valued at $175. In his household were Elisabeth, 66, born Pennsylvania; Lucy, 25, and Sarah, 20, both born in Ohio. This confirms Sophia's middle name. In most records she was found as Sophia E.

On March 15, 1855 James Dunfee had purchased two acres of land from James H. Dunfee and his wife Elisabeth in Section 5 of Columbia Township, Whitley County. James H. owned additional land in Section 5 as well as in neighboring Section 4. William H. Dunfee also owned land in Section 4. This land was sold by Wm H. and Catharine B. Dunfee on January 30, 1864 for $100 to George Ream. This was 2 months before the death of Sophia (Hazlett) Dunfee and two months shy of 3 years after the death of James Dunfee.

From this land record we can infer that James and Sophia probably came to Whitley County, Indiana in the spring of 1855, or before. However, it seems likely that they came shortly after the census of 1850 – according to Evergreen Cemetery transcriptions, Catherine Dunfee (possible sister of James) died July 27, 1851. Only the portion of the tombstone bearing her name and “Dau. of G. & M. Dunfee” was in existence in November 1985. It seems unlikely that Catherine would have come to Indiana by herself.


Searching the 1850 census for any Dunfee or Hazlett families in Ohio I found James Dunfee in Washington Twp, Holmes County, Ohio (p287): James was 60 years old, a laborer and born in Pennsylvania. Listed with him were Sophia, age 56, born in Pennsylvania; Lucy, 16; and Sarah, 11, both born in Ohio.

Also found was Jonathan Haslett in Mifflin Township, Ashland County, Ohio (p293/147). He was 78 years old, a farmer, and born in Maryland. Residing with him were Eliza Dunfee, aged 39, born in Maryland and Eliza A. Haslett, aged 13, born in Ohio. [I made the assumption, whether true or not that Eliza Dunfee was probably the daughter of Sophia Hazlett & James Dunfee.]

Additional research showed that Eliza A. Haslett was the daughter of David Hazlett. Relationship of David to Jonathan is not known at this time. A future post will detail what I found on David. At this point, I'll just say that he was born about 1805 and died in May 1844 leaving behind seven children. Eliza Dunfee was married in Ashland County, Ohio on September 4, 1851 to Aquilla Hoff. Jonathan Hazlett, died September 16, 1853 and the proceeds from his estate went to Eliza and Aquilla Hoff. A little over a year ago I wrote about a response I received on an 11 year old query posted on Eliza and Aquilla.

On November 17, 1849 Jonathan Hazlet sold four acres of land in the SE ¼ S12 T22 R17 in Ashland County, Ohio to Christian Vesper. This was part of the land he had purchased in 1831, which at that time was in Richland County. It should be noted that Ashland County was formed on February 24, 1846 from parts of Richland, Huron, Lorain, and Wayne Counties. This included Mifflin Township.

Elizabeth Hazlett, wife of Jonathan, died March 5, 1848 at age 86. She is buried beside him in Strickland/Twin Cemetery, Vermillion Twp, Ashland County, Ohio.

In 1840 Jonathan Hazlett is enumerated in the census in Mifflin Township, Richland County, Ohio (p87) with one male under 4, one male 20-30, one male 60-70, two females 20-30, one female 70-80. It appears that another family was residing with Jonathan and his wife.

I found no record of any land transactions for James Dunfee in Holmes County, Ohio. I also have not found him or David Hazlett in the 1840 census records (online indexes).

On November 12, 1831 Jonathan Hazlett purchased 80 acres of land in Richland County, Ohio from William Maxwell and his wife Elizabeth (N ½ of the SE ¼ S12 T22 R 17). Jonathan sold 4 acres of this land in 1849. The remaining land was sold by Aquilla and Eliza Hoff after Jonathan's death in 1853.

The Hazlett and Dunfee families were found in Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio in the 1830 census. Jonathan Hazlet is on page 33 (3rd line from the bottom) with one male 50-60 and one female 50-60. James Dunfe is also listed on the same page (4th line from the bottom) with the ages of the members of the household corresponding to what is known regarding their children. David Hazlett and family is listed on page 32.

Wayne County, Ohio Marriage Records Volume 2 (1819-1825) page 38 show that “David Hazlet of Armstrong County State of Pennsylvania and Jane Maxwell of the county of Wayne and State of Ohio” were married on August 29, 1822. So it appears that David Hazlet arrived in Wayne County, Ohio prior to his marriage on August 29, 1822 and that the families of Jonathan Hazlet and James Dunfe came before 1830. I found no land records for any of these families in Wayne County. In fact, I haven't found any land records for James Dunfee in Wayne, Holmes, or Ashland counties.

When did they leave Pennsylvania?

To be continued...

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