Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Elusive Ancestors? Nope, Martians!

Blame this on Terry Thornton. . . who has issued a blogger-poetry challenge.

A Hoosier gal had a blog, she called it Kinexxions.
Searching for ancestors was one of her passions.
She dreamed of travel and of crossing the oceans.
Family history and stories she did try to write.
But alas, all was for naught, sources she could not cite.
It seems those elusive missing ancestors may be Martians!

But that don't hold a candle to Janice Brown's There Once Was A Gal from New Hampshire...

She has really outdone herself this time! Again.


  1. Thanks Becky for taking up the challenge. I'm looking forward to the "roundup." Below is a reader poem for you. TERRY

    In Hoosierland there's connections
    Of ancestral-history-genea collections
    Written straight with no conniptions
    by a lass named Becky
    who's never never icky ---
    She has earned all our affections.

  2. In the north of the Hoosier state
    Lives Becky who grew so irate
    She caused quite a scene
    Callin her forbears green
    Can we help her before it's too late?

  3. Becky,

    I'm not feeling so badly now about my bad poetry-- Kinexxions and Martians rhyme? (grin)


  4. A wise woman, this Becky is more than renowned
    Among Hoosiers, and H.O.G.S.ers and bloggers profound
    Will explication for "kinexxions" ever be found?
    Unlike the legislators who tried to change pi
    She's researched her family till she's sore in the eye,
    Perhaps her secrets lie neath a small plot of ground.



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