Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Walk Along the River :: San Antonio

After leaving Davis Mountains State Park (on December 10th), I spent the day driving to San Antonio. The fog wasn't too bad once I left the mountains and got onto the Interstate Highway and I didn't get into any significant rain until about an hour from the city.

I spent three nights in San Antonio with my friend Diana. She is also a Joslin cousin (3rd cousin once removed). Her great grandfather, Luther Joslin, was a brother to my great-great grandmother, Malissa Mariah Joslin Brubaker Bower. Our families made contact for the first time in 1968, lost contact a few years later, then were reunited in 1999 through the wonders of the internet! The folks I'll be staying with in Louisiana for the holidays are also descendants of Luther. Don't you love it when distant family members become friends too?

One evening we ventured down to the Riverwalk for a stroll and supper. All types of Cafes and Restaurants line both sides of the river for a considerable distance. And, of course, the area was all decked out with lights for the holidays.

Trees were wrapped with lights on every branch and all the way to the top!

It was a rather cool evening but not uncomfortable – if you could stay out of the wind!

I hesitated to include this photo since it is out of focus, but I think it provides more of the ambiance of the evening. I actually kind of like it! Just consider it an “impressionistic” rendition of the Riverwalk...


  1. All 3 photos are delish to the max!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Makes me want to be there!

  3. I love San Antonio! Would love to see Diana too. Did you tell her she HAS to come to the next reunion :).

  4. Very, very nice. I was there years ago, in the summer, lights were everywhere. It's a great place to visit and do the River-walk. Thanks for showing these spectacular shots.

  5. OK, I've got to remember to sign my name if I'm going to sign in as anonymous! If you didn't already figure it out, the anonymous comment above was from me - Babs :)


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