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Bray Family :: Index to Posts

An Index Post is how I keep track of all of the blog posts that have been written on a family line.  It helps keep me organized and allows visitors to easily find information on that family. This post will be updated as new blog posts are written on the family.

Henry Bray is my 5th great-grandfather (times two). His daughter Margaret as well as his son John are my 4th great-grandparents. Margaret married James Ball and their daughter Susanna married Samuel, son of John. Yes, Susanna and Samuel were first cousins. At least it reduces the number of ancestors that need to be researched! At the time of his death, Henry's wife was named Cathryn. It is not known whether or not she was the mother of any or all of  his 11 known children.

Naomi Bray, daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Ball) Bray, married Charles Wiseman in 1849 in Switzerland County, Indiana. They were the parents of five children - their son, Samuel Bray Wiseman is my great-grandfather.

Henry Bray - 5th Great Grandfather
John Bray - 4th Great Grandfather
  • A Day with a Distant Cousin! - November 10, 2010 - I met up with Jesse, a descendant of John Bray and his second wife Elizabeth Coones (or Coonis or Coonies). Includes an image of their marriage record from Gallatin County, Kentucky.
These three posts document the information known about John Bray and when he settled in Switzerland County, Indiana. Research done for possible submission to the Territorial Guard Society of Indiana.
Samuel and Susanna (Ball) Bray - 3rd Great Grandparents
  • The Marriage of Samuel Bray and Susanna Ball - May 23, 2012 - A visit to the Clerks Office in Owenton, Kentucky results in finding the original Permission Slip and Ministers Return for the marriage of Samuel and Susanna.
Naomi (Bray) and Charles Wiseman, 2nd Great Grandparents

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