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Dunfee Family :: Index to Posts

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Sophia Dunfee married William Pythagrus Wise on October 9, 1873 in Whitley County, Indiana. They are my 2nd Great-Grandparents. For more on their family see Wise Family Index to Posts. Sophia was the daughter of William Hamilton Dunfee and Catherine B. Jones.

William H. Dunfee was the son of James Dunfee and Sophia Elizabeth Hazlett who lived in Adams County, Pennsylvania and Wayne and Holmes counties, Ohio most of their married lives. They followed several of their children to Whitley County.

James Dunfee *may* be the son of George and Mary Dunfee of Adams/York County, Pennsylvania. Sophia *may* be the daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Hazlett, also of Adams/York County. Jonathan and Elizabeth Hazlett migrated to Ohio some time before 1830, first to Wayne, then Richland and Ashland counties. James and Sophia (Hazlett) Dunfee were also in Wayne county at the same time as Jonathan. Lots more work needs to be done to validate those connections. See Hazlett Family :: Index to Posts
  • March 16th 1849 letter sent by Sophia Elizabeth (Hazlett) and James Dunfee to their son and daughter-in-law, William and Catherine (Jones) Dunfee [December 27, 2007]
  • The Hazlett-Dunfee Connection :: On to Pennsylvania The Dunfee and Hazlett families were also located in York-Adams counties in Pennsylvania. This timeline details the information that is known about them. Are George and Mary Dunfee the parents of James Dunfee? Is Jonathan Hazlett the father of Sophia? [December 12, 2011]

Children of James and Sophia (Hazlett) Dunfee (the * indicates a “presumed” child):

* Eliza Dunfee (abt 1813-1876) married Aquilla Hoff. They lived in Ashland County, Ohio and LaGrange County, Indiana. They had one son, Jonathan H. Hoff.
  • A Dunfee Duo provides more information, but no conclusions, regarding Jonathan H. Hoff.  It also compares photographs of Jonathan H. Hoff and Jonathan S. Dunfee. [July 17, 2012]

* George Dunfee (1814-1871) moved to Dekalb County, Indiana prior to 1855. His wife's name was Nancy and they were the parents of five children.

Mary Dunfee (1816-1900) was first married to Isaac Bonnet then to James Hanson Lovett. They lived in Holmes County, Ohio. Mary was the mother of eight children, five with Isaac Bonnett and three with James Lovett.

* Catharine Jane Dunfee (1818-1893) was married to Moses Tryon in Wayne County, Ohio in 1836. They moved to Noble County, Indiana and were the parents of ten children.

William Hamilton Dunfee (1822-1888) married Catherine B. Jones in 1848 in Whitley County, Indiana. They are my 3rd great grandparents. Parents of seven children, only three of whom survived to adulthood, they also raised and cared for an "orphan" girl.

Sophia Dunfee (1824-1905) married David McNabb in 1842 in Richland County, Ohio. They moved to Dekalb County, Indiana prior to 1850 and were the parents of eight children.

Jonathan Smith Dunfee (1826-1900) was married in 1848 in Holmes County, Ohio to Mary Ann Quick. They moved to Whitley County, Indiana prior to 1860 where they raised their family of seven children.
  • Their Magnificent Old Home is described in a letter written in 1967 by Agnes Dunfee Deebel. It includes a photograph of the home built in 1874 in Whitley County, Indiana by Jonathan S. Dunfee. Letter courtesy of Calvin Dunfee and photograph was contributed by Rob Waller. [July 18, 2012]

James Henry Dunfee, aka Henry or J. Henry, (about 1828-1872) was married in 1854 to Elizabeth Moores (Moor in the marriage record) in Ashland County, Ohio. They moved to Whitley County, Indiana shortly after their marriage but at some point moved to Aboite Township, Allen County, Indiana. They were the parents of eight children.

Lucy Dunfee was born September 17, 1834 in Ohio. She came with her parents to Whitley County, Indiana about 1855. She died there on December 28, 1870 and is buried near her parents in Evergreen Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Whitley County, Indiana.

Sarah Ann Dunfee (1839-1914) came with her parents to Whitley County, Indiana about 1855. She was married to Charles Henry Gillespie in 1862 in Whitley County and they had one child. In 1873 Sarah was married to John Robinette in Whitley County. They were the parents of three children.

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