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Conrad and Mary (Swigart) Helms are my 5th Great Grandparents. They were both born about 1775-1777 in “Pennsylvania” according to the 1850 and 1860 census records of Whitley County, Indiana. They may have lived for a short time in Allegany County, Maryland and/or Bedford and Armstrong Counties in Pennsylvania before moving to Muskingum County, Ohio prior to 1830. By 1850 the family had moved to Whitley County, Indiana. It is not know where Conrad and Mary were married or when the died or where they are buried. It is possible that they are buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery known as “Hell's Half Acre” or Helms Cemetery in Columbia Township, Whitley County, Indiana.

Conrad and Mary (Swigart) Helms were the parents of six known children:
  • Mary Helms (1802-188) married Harrison Dowell. 11 children.
  • Elizabeth Helms (1804-1883) married William B. Jones – they are my 4th great grandparents. 5 children.
  • John Helms (1806 - ????) was married first to an unknown wife and second to Marjorie Linton. 8 children.
  • Frederick Helms (1807 - ????) never married. He was listed as blind and was living with his parents in the 1850 census. In 1860 he was listed with his brother George.
  • George Helms (1810-1891) was married first to an unknown wife and second to Sarah Linton. 8 children. Moved to Mecosta County, Michigan after the Civil War.
  • Joshua B. Helms (1817-1890) was married first to Mahala Christman and second to Susanna Wolf. 7 children.
Because of their dates of birth, it is not known whether these two are children of Conrad and Mary. They were both born in Ohio and arrived in Whitley County at the same time as the other Helms families.
  • Deborah Helms (1826-1877) married Lawrence Minier. 11 children. Moved to Osceola County, Michigan some time after 1870.
  • Lucy Ann Helms (1829-1902) married Sanford Mosher. 10 children.

Helms Family Posts
  • Hell’s Half Acre February 11, 2007 [From the History of Whitley County, Indiana by S.P. Kaler and R.H. Maring regarding escapades of the family of George Helms, brother of my 4th Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Helms Jones.]
  • Are These My People? June 01, 2011 [Marriage Record of William B. Jones and Elizabeth HOLMES found in Licking County, Ohio]

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