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Hazlett Family :: Index to Posts

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Sophia Elizabeth Hazlett married James Dunfee, probably about 1810-1813. They were found in Liberty Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania in 1820. Their neighbors were Jonathan Hazlett and George Dunfee. I think there is a good probability that Jonathan is the father of Sophia and George is the father of James. However, there is no “proof” only circumstantial evidence and a gut feeling. George Dunfee “disappears” after 1820. Jonathan Hazlett, along with James and Sophia (Hazlett) Dunfee move to Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio prior to 1830. They lived in relatively close proximity to each other for the next 20+ years (Jonathan in Richland-Ashland County and the Dunfee family in Holmes County).
  • It was Just a Matter of Time... The gravestones of Jonathan Hazlett and his wife Elizabeth in Strickland Cemetery, Vermillion Township, Ashland County, Ohio. [November 21, 2011]
  • The Hazlett-Dunfee Connection :: On to Pennsylvania The Dunfee and Hazlett families were also located in York-Adams counties in Pennsylvania. This timeline details the information that is known about them. Are George and Mary Dunfee the parents of James Dunfee? Is Jonathan Hazlett the father of Sophia? [December 12, 2011]
See Dunfee Family :: Index to Posts for more information on the family of James and Sophia (Hazlett) Dunfee.

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