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Joslin Family - Index to Posts

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Thomas Joslin and his wife Rebecca are (probably) my 10th Great Grandparents. They and their son Nathaniel and five other children arrived from England on the ship "Increase" in the spring of 1635. The Joslin family settled in Massachusetts and descendants lived there for over 150 years. Some descendants may still live there but my 5th Great Grandfather, Jonas Joslin, took off for Lower Canada about 1792. He lived there for a while then moved to Vermont where on February 6, 1794 he married Ruth Dyer. By 1818, Jonas and his family had moved to Liberty Township, Delaware County, Ohio.
  • My Greatest Genealogical Find Ever? January 02, 2008 [Nine of my ancestors traveled to New England together on the same ship! Joslin, Kilbourne, and Marvin. The first two connect to the Goodrich family.]
  • Pine Grove Cemetery October 15, 2009 [Tombstone photos of gravesite of Peter Joslyn (1666-1759) and Joseph and Sarah (Wilder) Joslin]
Jonas Joslin and Ruth Dyer (my 5th Great Grandparents)
Jonas and Ruth settled in Delaware County, Ohio about 1818. They had at least four children. It is likely that there were other children born to them. Those known (or presumed to be their children) are James, see below; Elizabeth born about 1803 in "Canada West" (according to the 1870 census); Jonas Jr. born 1807 born in Canada, Ohio, or Vermont depending upon which census you look at, though Canada is listed as his birthplace in 1850 and 1880; and Fanny born about 1810 in Canada according to the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census records.
James Joslin and Abigail Goodrich (my 4th Great Grandparents)
James and Abigail left Delaware County, Ohio in 1838 and came to Whitley County, Indiana. They had six known children: Lysander Price, Fanny Philanda, Edwin Mattoon, Joseph A., Emily Eliza, and Mary Lucicia.
Lysander Joslin and Lydia Robison (my 3rd Great Grandparents)
Fanny Philanda Joslin Shoemaker (probably daughter of James and Abigail)
Emily Eliza Joslin Long (daughter of James and Abigail)
Edwin Mattoon Joslin (son of James and Abigail)
Joseph A. Joslin (son of James and Abigail)
Mary Lucicia Joslin (daughter of James and Abigail)
  • Mary Joslin and John Whitted March 14, 2009 [researching Mary Joslin who married John Whitted in Henry County, Illinois in 1862. Is she the daughter of James and Abigail Joslin?]


Research was done on the family of Joseph R. Joslin for descendants of his son George Washington Joslin, primarily in April 2011. Joseph resided in Noble County, Indiana and is a descendant of Abraham Joslin who was a son of the immigrant Thomas, thus very, very distantly related to me.

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Unknown said...


My great great granfather was Frank L. Joslin, from Clermont County, Ohio. The information I have is that he died 7-8-1919. He was married to Lora Mattox. He had a son, Verna Palmer b10-30/31-1897 - d3-3-81. Verna Palmer had a daughter, Donna, and a son, my grandfather, Verna Palmer jr. I'm not sure of his DOB, but he died 8-12-71.

Frank L Joslin is as far back as I've been able to go, but I just started doing research, too. I'm not sure where my Joslin line falls, but it's in there somewhere. :-)

Joz Jonlin said...

Becky, I was finally able to trace my Joslin line directly back to Thomas and Rebecca Joslin. I am descended from Abraham, their oldest son who did not come to America with his family, but came over sometime later.

This is an incredible blog, and you've done some amazing work.