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Brubaker Family - Index to Posts

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Hans Jacob Brubacher (1st) is my 7th Great Grandfather.
His date of birth is not known but estimated to be about 1700. He died before 17 April 1755 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
John Brubaker is my 3rd Great Grandfather.
Born in Perry County, Ohio in 1819, he was the son of Martin Brubaker and Nancy Neel. In 1849, he moved to Huntington County, Indiana.
William Brubaker (son of John Brubaker and Sarah Foster)
He married Malissa Joslin on April 20, 1871 in Whitley County, Indiana. They are my Great-Great Grandparents. William was born in Perry County, Ohio and came with his mother and step-father, Sarah Foster and George T. Parkison, to Whitley County in the early 1850s. Malissa's parents, Lysander and Lydia Robison Joslin had come to Whitley County with their respective families in the late 1830s and early 1840s.
Charles Romain Brubaker (son of William and Malissa). Married Maude Catherine Wise. They are my Great Grandparents.
Hale Brubaker (Son of William and Malissa)
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